Held der Gladiatoren


Director:Jorge Papavassiliou
Screenplay: Robert Löhr
Cinematography: Yvonne Tratz
Music: Carsten Rocker; performed by: German Filmorchestra
Cast: Stephan Luca, Ralf Möller, Andrea Cleven, Tanja Wenzel, Henning Baum
Production: Rainer Wemcken, G. Brenner, T. Taube
UFA Filmproduktion
RTL/ORF 2004
  1. German Filmorchestra
    1Brother And Sister - The Trek
  2. German Filmorchestra
  3. German Filmorchestra
    3First Training
  4. German Filmorchestra
  5. German Filmorchestra
    5Arena Fights
  6. German Filmorchestra
    6Farewell And Lamento
  7. German Filmorchestra

Epic Historical Drama for TV

Germanus, a brave gladiator, witnesses the brutal murder of his brother, committed by another fighter. Since then, he will become his worst enemy, with whom he will fight in several fights, each more bitter. One day, Germanus discovers that his sister, also gladiator, maintains a passionate affair with the man who killed the brother of both, without her knowing anything about the crime (Source: Themoviedb)

CLIP: Brother and Sister – The Trek

CLIP: Triumph