Look me over – Liberace


Director: Jeremy JP Fekete
Screenplay: Jeremy JP Fekete
Music: Carsten Rocker
Producer: Kinescopefilm

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Kino Dokumentation

  • It was the era when swimming pools mostly served as glamorous settings for Hollywoodstars and where relaxed and good-looking people stood around holding cocktails. Palm Springs: Stronghold of a hedonistic life and party culture. It was also a place where America’s identity was shaped. Between Palm Springs, the glittering Hollywood and Las Vegas, the metropolis of artificiality, is where the life of Wladziu Valentino alias LIBERACE. The KING OF BLING forms the center of this Documania. The myth of Palm Springs, Las Vegas and Hollywood as it was and the lifestyle of it’s inhabitants today, allows the film to focus on the story from a glittering perspective.