Friesland – Familiengeheimnisse

Friesland Team

Director: Dominic Müller
Screenplay: A. Nolting, J. M. Scharf
Music: Carsten Rocker
Cinematography: Simon Schmejkal
Cast: Florian Lukas, Sophie Dal, Theresa Underberg, Holger Stockhaus u.a.
Production: Anton Moho,
Eyeworks Filmproduktion
ZDF 2015
  1. 1Main Title
  2. 2Main Title (Alternativ Version)
  3. 3Investigation
  4. 4Aftermath
  5. 5Evil
  6. 6Escape
  7. 7Jogging
  8. 8Sorrow
  9. 9Final Tension

Crime Comedy located on the German North Sea Coast

In the middle of the Eastern Friesland province, two quirky, idiosyncratic and very different village policeman Jens Jensen and Süher Özlügül fight against small delicts in their village. When the young housewife Elfie Berger is found dead in her apartment and the murder is also intended to be covered up by higher authorities as a suicide, the two policeman decide to pursue their own investigation.

CLIP: Titles

CLIP: Investigation