Wilsberg – Gefahr in Verzug


Director: Hans-Günther Bücking
Screenplay: Ecki Ziedrich
Cinematography: Hans-Günther Bücking
Music: Carsten Rocker
Cast: Leonard Lansink, Oliver Korittke, Roland Jankowsky, Ina Paule Klink, Rita Russek
Production: Anton Moho,
Eyeworks Filmproduktion
ZDF 2010
  1. 100 Overbeck
  2. 2Shooting
  3. 3Mystery Theme
  4. 4In Love
  5. 5Peter Is Dead
  6. 6Overbecks Showdown
  7. 7Finale

primetime crime series

Wilsberg is one of the most successful and well-known German crime series (90-Minutes Episodes) on German Television. Since 1998, over 45 episodes have been aired on primetime Saturday 8.15 p.m. at public broadcaster ZDF.Wilsberg (Leonard Lansink), the owner of a second hand book store in small town Münster investigates murder cases as a private eye with unconventional methods and congeniality. Alongside with his friends Ekki (Oliver Korittke), a tax inspector, and Alex (Ina Paule Klink), a young lawyer, Wilsberg always gets in the way of Chief Inspector Anna Springer (Rita Russek).In a mixture of crime and comedy the audience can take part in solving a murder case, while having fun alongside characters closely related to their everyday life. Wilsberg’s formula for success are thrilling criminal cases and particularly unique characters.The 90-minute episodes of Wilsberg have an audience rating about 5,5-6,5 million viewers over all with a market share of 19-20%. Audience rating in the target group (14-49 years) is about 1.2 million viewers with an average market share of around 11%.